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Moral Authorship: moral positioning

The inner debate creates your choices.

It writes and rewrites your stories and merge the new stories with the ones that represent the habits of mind, the beliefs grown over the years.

The baritons of the inner congress.

These debated stories are the components you use to present your thoughts. It facilitates you to make clear your point of view, to take a stand, whether it fits or is rebellious, Sometimes convincing and proud of the chosen stand. Sometimes you feel more or less uncomfortable with your choice.

However: You can justify your moral position of that moment. You can tell what you currently stand for and why it matches your inner baritons. These inner baritons participating in your inner congress take care of the continuity of your beliefs, making you know who you are and what your moral positioning is.

The temporary positions need to match the deepest of your recorded bariton-voices that make who you are.


The habits of mind are like the roots of the rice plants:


In the event of a storm and heavy rain the rice plant sweeps back and forth, but the roots keep the tiny plant standing firmly in the earthquake. These are the baritons of our inner congress: ensuring continuity of values ​​and norms; making you know who you are and what you want.

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