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Moral Authorship: moral selfie

How do you weigh the interests of yourself and others in your work?

We developed a questionnaire to give professionals an idea of their moral learning power.

The questionnaire was validated in one of the sub-studies of the PhD research.


When a candidate fills out the questionnaire, the results are reported in a personal Profile of Moral Authorship.

The Profile Moral Authorship facilitates slowing down and thinking about your practical knowledge and moral imperatives.

By talking to others, you enrich, grind and develops your practical knowledge to practical wisdom – Phronesis.

You can probably understand your professional actions better concerning the moral choices associated with the language and stories of your profession.


To explore, understand and discuss your Phronesis, we focus on six moral authorship tasks that are essential for your daily practice. The statements in the questionnaire you can fill out outline these six moral authorship tasks. Each task is briefly described, after which the personal profile is displayed. The personal profile report shows a distinctive bar chart summary of your scores and some questions for consideration that you can use for your inner speech or conversation with others about your Profile Moral Authorship.

If you want to fill out the questionnaire, click on the button. 

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