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To understand and support the people-professionals in their work, it is crucial to explain the situational perspective of the profession. On this website, we consider the work of the professionals as craftsmanship as Sennett describes in “The Craftsman” (2008). Craftsmanship assumes competence but also commitment, a point of view and judgment.


Sennet describes how the artisan in earlier times treated his materials and creations honoured.

The work was only finished when the craftsman himself was satisfied and proud of his work. It did not concern him for external evaluation. The own standards were leading. The creations came about because the skilled person understood “understood” and “felt” the materials he used. Sennet argues in his book that the modern professional who works with people must be in this way in this way. As a craftsman / professional you will master the skills required for your profession, you are involved in the material you are using and make your choices to make your work be good. For the people-professional, their clients are the material with which they work.

Novice professionals are addressed by the organisation in which they work, the professional community, as well as society, whether their skills, point of view and commitment are supportive towards our community.

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