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Moral Authorship: practical tools

The narrative approach of the concept of moral authorship makes it possible to consider, personaly and with each other, narratives of novice teachers, their practical knowledge and the development of their professional wisdom.


The studies also provide some practical tools to use in education and in-service training.

There are currently three tools developed:

The Reflection Wheel Moral Authorship: This tool helps you to ask yourself several questions that let you think about the six tasks of Moral Authorship. Reflecting on a case-study, you can unravel your practical wisdom using the reflection wheele.

The questionnaire Moral Authorship: Completing this online questionnaire results in a Profile Moreel Authorship.

The Profile Moreel Authorship: The report of this profile gives you the opportunity to reflect on how you generally deal with issues morally and how the aspects of the six tasks of Moral Authorship play a role in your day to day work.

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